About Red Square Film

Wiljan Roelofs is the owner of Red Square Film and at the same time Director of Good Relationships. In the past he was a shareholder of Excalibur Benelux, Still Entertainment, Domestic Film Corporation and Boxzz Screen Entertainment. Wiljan also was the founder of these companies.

In 1998 his greatest challenge was to create a new innovative and controversial Benelux independent company that would rock the foundations of the entertainment market. Out of his vision the company Dutch Filmworks was born. After 9 successful and prosperous years Wiljan decided to sell his shares and start new adventures.

In this period he worked, behind the scenes, as a consultant for Benelux Film Distributors. As a consultant Wiljan came across a lot of interesting and beautiful catalogues. Because of the digital revolution Wiljan saw new opportunities and possibilities in the entertainment market.

To cut a long story short: Wiljan yet founded a new, innovative and maybe controversial company named: Red Square Film.


Red Square Film is a Benelux film distributor and an international sales agent. All media and all genres are available for the BNLX but for worldwide distribution we focus on documentaries and animation. It's all about sales and content!


Red Square Film is operating license rights in the Benelux, as well as worldwide. Based on characters from animation TV series and self developed concepts. We make sure it gets maximum exposure and we handle sales. We build brands!


Red Square Film accompanies creative concepts from original idea to production. We develop and produce our own projects and are on the watch for new ones ... We know how to get a new show on the road!

Marketing and Communication

As a recently graduated Media & Entertainment student, Neill has a passion for films, games and technology. Social Media is not a part of his work but his way of life. His graduation project consisted out of theories that explained how to attract Generation Y on the Internet, those are theories that might come in handy on the job. With articles in Brewed and Maas en Waler he showed his vision on the media and entertainment industry.

With experiences in the Entertainment and Association industry Neill combines the knowledge of both worlds.

For more information visit his Social Media accounts:

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/neillroelofs
Tumblr: neillroelofs.tumblr.com
Twitter: twitter.com/Neill_Roelofs