Red Square has a number of children’s films that reach out to audiences of all ages and are either classic must see or new products that have been made for the smallest of the family. For instance the classic All Dogs Go To Heaven. A film that was one of the biggest home entertainment releases of its time. This animation was made by the creators of The Secret of NIMH and the classis The Land Before Time.

But our catalogue also features De Tumblies who are four cheerful characters that exist of 2, 3 or 4 parts that come apart far too easily. They have the greatest adventures for the youngest age group and were shown on KRO Kindertijd. Please see below for a selection of our other titles.

Our catalogue also features films such a Beestenbeet, Code M, Briefgeheim and other cinematic titles that have been shown in the cinemas.

All Dogs Go To Heaven


De Tumblies (deel 1)

De Tumblies (deel 2)

De Tumblies (deel 3)

Midden in de Winternacht




Mijn Opa de Bankrover